June 4, 2018


Lennart is an expert control, Instrumentation electrical and solutions provider, turnkey electrical instrumentation-control system (EIC) contractor specializing in blending market leading products into total integrated solutions.

With history and roots in a UK Control systems group, LENNART UAE was created in 2014, and enjoys a wealth of highly experienced, multi-disciplined engineering and design talent. We operate right across the Middle East, Africa, India, and Asia Pacific Regions, and structured growth is a corner-stone of our business strategy.

With engineering, manufacturing & support facilities at various locations, we serve the full range of Industrial markets from Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals and Pipelines, to Utilities, Metals, Automotive,Power, Water and Infrastructure.

LENNART is an accessible and customer focused company with customer satisfaction as our first priority. Local Technical support facilities are vitally important to our Clients, and satisfying this requirement wherever possible is at the heart of our operating philosophy. We offer the complete package to satisfy your need for Turnkey solutions. We have the expertise, experience and resources to meet your entire project Electrical, Control, Instrumentation and Electromechanical requirements from consultancy services and detailed design, through highest Quality Engineering, Manufacture, Testing & Commissioning to the vitally important long-term support and care for your systems.

Lennart offers a full turnkey solution for Oil & Gas, Water & Waste Water, District Cooling, Metals, Airports, Facilities and Assets Management sectors. The following are the Solutions and Services provided by Lennart Solutions

  • Process Control DCS & PLC
  • SCADA Telemetry & RTU • Switchboards & MCCs
  • Integrated Pipeline Systems
  • Safety Systems – ESD\F&G\HIPPS
  • Instrumentation Packages
  • Building Management Systems
  • Infrastructure & Facilities Management Systems
  • Contract Management
  • Electrical Engineering & Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Software Design & Integration
  • Integrated FAT Services
  • Installation, Supervision & Commissioning
  • Training • Spares Management
  • Support Contracts PLC & DCS


With High-availability, single-database configurability, resilient open-architectures, advanced diagnostics, and operator tools, LENNART provides total commissioned PLC & DCS solutions using extensively proven core technologies from multiple vendors. Our capabilities include redundant systems, integration to third party systems and multiprotocol communication.

Lennart has developed expertise in almost all major industrial automation software products and communication technologies. We have extensive experience on projects incorporating various latest and traditional communication protocols such as Ethernet, Modbus, Controlnet, Devicenet, Profibus, Fieldbus etc. We take great care to insure that our vendor relationships are aimed at providing our customers with the very best solutions for their applications.

Some of our customers have specific guidelines for documentation and structure and we pay very careful attention to these requirements to make sure they get the program they expect. Our methods result in a successful startup that performs to the customer’s expectations. Not only do our systems start up smoothly and perform as expected, our programs are easy to understand and maintain. SCADA, Telemetry & RTU.

As a leading industrial automation technology provider, LENNART is widely recognized in implementing Telemetry solutions. Our proactive approach and technology expertise enables us to implement fully automated systems ranging from field devices to highly sophisticated control and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications. Our SCADA application in the Control Centre performs centralized alarm management, data trending, operator display and control. The SCADA technology enables communications with a range of wired (lease line, dial-up line, fiber, ADSL, cable) and wireless media (licensed radio, GSM, Satellite and GPRS). Lennart provides a powerful RTU based solution that integrates the power of the Programmable Logic Controller with the flexibility of Telemetry, in combination with modern communication technologies.


Lennart Solutions satisfy all needs relating to Telemetry. They allow traditional remote monitoring mechanisms such as precise registration of events, alarm management, multi-communications, and interfacing with all types of specific local equipment. Instrumentation Packages.

Lennart provides complete instrumentation package covering all aspects of Instrument design, purchasing, documentation, installation, calibration and testing for the total work package. We have established relationships with major suppliers, ensuring we comply with your approved vendors list or recommend suitable „best of breed‟ suppliers to meet your specifications. A very strict adherence to installation standards and procedures and a qualified site team ensures the highest quality of installation of the instruments.


Safety Systems – ESD / F&G / HIPPS Lennart has been providing complete safety solutions for more than 10 years including Emergency Shutdown (ESD), Process Shutdown, (PSD), Fire & Gas Detection (F&G), and High Integrity Protection System (HIPPS) logic-solvers.

Lennart is an approved Systems Partner for a range of TUV certified and SIL rated safety products – both programmable, and solid state logic types. Switchboards & MCCs. LENNART is unique amongst expert Control Systems Integrators in providing integrated Electrical Power and Control solutions. The key feature includes Intelligent Communication Systems in Power Distribution and Motor Controls without compromising key electrical criteria such as Type-tested designs, compliance to specified levels of degree of protection and segregation. The electrical designs are based on Fully Type Tested Assemblies up to Form IV Type 7. Going one step ahead the intelligent / SMART function allows plant control & data gathering at the plant central system. The switch gear products / components used are high quality multi-vendor products. The MCC is pre tested and pre-configured at the factory as per relevant international standards.


Medium Voltage Drives & Switchgears Lennart offers a complete range of medium voltage switchgear for primary and secondary distribution developed from customer requirements. Our solutions incorporate leading-edge technology to support customers’ evolving needs.

We provide 11Kv high tension power distribution system, distribution transformers for various voltages, switchgear panels, Motor control center, soft starters, variable frequency drives, generator sets. Variable Speed Drives LENNART‟s VSD solution is based on Integrated Architecture and Open Design concepts to provide you with the possibility of a Single Window Solution. This includes Low Voltage and Medium Voltage systems for Speed Control and Starting of Motors for a range of applications. Harmonic Studies and Compliance to relevant IEC as well as G 5.0 standards are offered to complete the package.

Our Services include Complete and fully integrated Drive Control System Packages, Drive System Modernization and Retrofits, Line Studies – Analysis and Recommendations, Project Management, Engineering – Installation – Startup and Drive System Service and Support. Building Management Systems


Lennart brings its application knowledge to intelligence for buildings and homes. Our Solutions include both classical and innovative approaches for integrated Facilities Control, Energy Management, Billing and Remote Monitoring and Control. Facility & Assets Management Systems Lennart’s Facilities and Asset Management (FAM) solution deploys Software as Service Applications which are designed to meet the needs of facilities managers.

These solutions cover both owneroccupied and leased facilities. Our solution enables facilities managers to balance the competing demands of users of their facilities, their staff and third party service providers. This is delivered through the provision of an effective system to capture real-time data in a form that facilitates problem resolution and enforces best practices. Project Management Professional project management is central to Lennart‟s execution philosophy. We address all aspects of the project life cycle and a dedicated project manager provides a single point of contact between client and Lennart‟s execution team.


Lennart has an ON-TIME and ON-BUDGET execution philosophy, ensuring timely and successful completion of your project. Driven by the goals of on-budget and on-time delivery, we assign a project management team with the knowledge, tools and resources in place to drive project success. Our highly skilled staff of project and production managers brings the necessary value-added and expertise required to help you attain your goals.

Applying the disciplined methodologies dedicated project managers play a vital role in keeping your project on track by bringing together hundreds of complex tasks and allocating diverse resources – from design and engineering, to manufacturing, to quality control, Engineering & Design. The complete project engineering service is provided in house by Lennart from detailed design to „as built‟ project documentation.

We comply fully with relevant international standards, and maintain the full range of modern project engineering tools. Our engineers and programmers ensure project success by adhering to our structured project methodology. To start with we get a thorough understanding of your processes & goals and create a detailed design of the solution based on our engineering standards.

We develop the control system in modules and incrementally test each module in simulation. We don‟t just program software; we engineer control systems. This means that our customers get control systems tailored to their business requirements that will consistently meet or exceed their expectations – by design. Control Panel Manufacturing Lennart’s experience and thorough knowledge of industrial standards allows us to produce control panels that are dependable, practical, and maintainable. We construct and install panels for our own internal integration needs as well as manufacture from third party designs.


Integrated FAT Services Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is a key to any project managed by Lennart. Lennart has the full capability to simulate the process and integrate third party equipment in our factory. Simulation saves time and money during start-up and ensures that your system will function effectively when abnormal situations arise. A fully integrated FAT leads to a smooth and trouble free commissioning at site. During the FAT stage, we invite the customer to our facility to participate in a simulation and validation of the control system before it is installed at the site.

This is the customer’s first real opportunity to validate what was stated in the functional specification. Turnkey Contracting, Installation & Commissioning Lennart provides complete contracting & installation services including Installation services for MV/LV Power Systems, Control Systems, Field Wiring, Termination, Mobilization and Demobilization of equipment, Loop Checking and Testing.

Lennart has an in house team of site commissioning engineers and technicians. Equipped with state-ofthe-art tools and portable commissioning instruments the site works are setup conforming to the best engineering practices. Our integrated commissioning team offers the advantages of a single point of responsibility for the commissioning of the entire project.


Quality & HSE Quality Control is a serious business at Lennart and our quality system is in accordance with ISO 9001:2015. The quality system is endorsed by the senior management team and implemented by personnel at all levels. Our HSE policy reflects our concern and ongoing commitment to Health & Safety of personnel and minimizing environmental impact.

Our Mission To be the premium total-solutions provider of choice, by consistently delivering products, services and support of the highest quality, to the highest standards, and always striving for the full, long-term satisfaction of our Clients.